Learn How to be the Ultimate Troll!!

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Come join in the chaos as Salty Devil Dawg straight up Trolls his fellow Salty Dawgs in Golf With Your Friends!! Let’s call it, Trolling the Trolls!

I am now officially streaming on YouTube! I am made the move to YouTube from Twitch so if you followed me here from Twitch, make sure to let me know so I can give a shout out in the chat! If you would like to support me and don’t know how, you can follow our sponsor links below or you can donate by clicking on the following link:

I would love your feedback about this stream! Please be sure to let me know in the comments below what I can improve, remove, and whatever else rhymes with them words! Also, be sure to like this video, SUBSCRIBE to the channel and turn them there notifee-cations on so you never miss when I upload a video or go-live!

Time to start killing friendships by playing an assortment of games that have been known to make nations crumble! Got friends? This is how you get rid of them!

You can help support the Salty Dawgs as they continue to find innovating ways to bring you amazing content by checking out our sponsors listed above, and, by checking out our merchandise line at: https://www.redbubble.com/people/SaltyDawgs/shop?asc=u

If you would like to join our growing and active community on Discord, come check us out at https://discord.gg/SaltyDawgz. We offer everything from general tech support, help to get your lighting/audio/video setups running, assistance with OBS/SLOBS/StreamElements, help finding gaming partners, collaborations, self-promotion of your social media and streaming/video channels, help with audio and video editing, and much more!

We want to thank all of you that stopped by our stream and engaged with us! We love and appreciate all of you and all of the love and support that you continuously show to us! We hope that you will join us each Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening on YouTube at https://youtube.com/saltydevildawgs​ for more comical chaos and fun!

***This is a general announcement to the future of the Salty Dawgs. From here on out we are re-branded as Salty Dawgz United instead of Salty Dawgs Gaming. We want our branding to be more inclusive to live-streamers and content creators in addition to gamers. We felt that by staying with Salty Dawgs Gaming, it could be misleading people into thinking we are a clan site or gaming hub. While that may be true, there is just so much more to the Salty Dawgz than gaming. We hope that the new branding will eliminate any confusion it may have been causing and be a more inclusive draw to all members of the online communities. For more information, please visit:

Additionally, there has been a lot of problems with people confusing Salty Dawgs United with Salty Devil Dawg. These are in fact two separate entities. I am Salty Devil Dawg, and the group I founded is called Salty Dawgz United. I just figured I’d point this out to help with any confusion.

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