Why do we need the 25 for 25: Health Equity & Justice campaign?

What is 25 for 25:
A campaign designed to educate and inform our community of the cancer disparities that exist in the African American community. For the past 25 years, cancer mortality rates for African Americans have been declining, but the current rate of 14% higher mortality is unacceptable.
Massey seeks to invite individuals and organizations to join us at the forefront of racial inequities for 25 days from October 1-25.
Massey will raise funds to help with prevention, control and survivorship. Encouraging individuals to donate $25 to fund health equity advancements by 2025.

Why does this matter:
Cancer affects all communities, but racial disparities in cancer outcomes should not exist. As a safety net hospital that treats all patients, regardless of their ability to pay and insurance status, Massey is uniquely positioned to address cancer health disparities by treating a broad range of patients from various socioeconomic and racial backgrounds. Massey Cancer Center seeks to create healthier communities and ultimately save more lives.

Website: masseycancercenter.org
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/VCUMasseyCancerCenter
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/vcumassey

VCU Massey Cancer Center is one of only 71 National Cancer Institute-designated institutions in the country that leads and shapes America’s cancer research efforts. Working with all kinds of cancers, Massey conducts basic, translational and clinical cancer research, provides state-of-the-art treatments and clinical trials, and promotes cancer prevention and education. Since 1974, Massey has served as an internationally recognized center of excellence. It offers the most cancer clinical trials in Virginia and serves patients at multiple locations. Its 1,000-plus researchers, clinicians and staff members are dedicated to improving the quality of human life by developing and delivering effective means to prevent, control and ultimately cure cancer. Visit Massey online at masseycancercenter.org or call 877-4-MASSEY for more information.

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