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Has the Covid-19 pandemic taken the breath out of your clinic? If your monthly revenue is wheezing and shrinking, and you need to perk up your practice, get your regular patients back in the door and put new patients on your schedule, then consider introducing NIR (near-infrared/ red light) therapy to your treatment menu. NIR therapy offers a multitude of benefits that are worth serious consideration.
In terms of cost, there is no better healing modality for dependable pain relief that can spark new life into your practice for a minimal investment (often less than $1,500 for multiple pads and an external controller) and allow you to rapidly see a return on your investment, than NIR therapy. Adding NIR therapy will bring many benefits to your patients, your practice and your clinic’s bottom line.
Because near infrared therapy is non-invasive, safe and painless, it pairs extremely well with chiropractic.
Both modalities offer drug-free healing and pain management. NIR therapy is also known as “photobiomodulation” (PBM), or “low-level laser (light) therapy” (LLLT). A November 2017 study concluded that “LLLT shows potential as an effective, noninvasive, safe and cost-efficient means to treat and prevent a variety of acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions.”
Near infrared therapy systems are considered to be Class II medical devices, granted FDA clearance for relieving pain, increasing circulation, relaxing muscles, relieving muscle spasms, and relieving the aches and stiffness caused by arthritis.
With its ability to quickly and effectively reduce pain and increase circulation, NIR therapy is a valuable healing modality. Here are some benefits NIR therapy will offer your patients:
Using a controller that can operate from three NIR therapy pads at once will provide an extensive treatment session for your patient. Furthermore, a six-port controller can be shared between two patients.
Near infrared therapy is surprisingly easy to administer and integrate, and provides many benefits to your practice:
Introducing NIR therapy into your clinic has the potential to not only generate fast return on investment (ROI), but also new income streams:
Affordable with Fast ROI: Compared to most other types of professional medical-grade equipment, NIR therapy systems are surprisingly affordable. They also offer a very fast ROI. If patients are charged an additional $30 for a 20-minute NIR therapy session (a conservative price) as an add-on to their usual treatment, then, depending upon the number of patients receiving NIR therapy, a new NIR therapy system could potentially pay for itself very quickly. See the chart below.
Potential Annual Revenue: If made a regular part of your patients’ treatment programs, NIR therapy can generate a dependable and sizeable income stream, not to mention better results for your patients. The chart gives an idea of the type of annual revenue NIR therapy can potentially generate for your practice.
Sell Treatment Packages: Patients with painful chronic conditions may desire to come in for regular stand- alone NIR therapy sessions in addition to chiropractic, especially if treatment packages were available at a discounted price. Seniors on fixed incomes may especially find treatment packages appealing. Since NIR therapy can treat several problem areas simultaneously with multiple pads, pricing can be determined by both the number of treatments scheduled, as well as the number of pads utilized per treatment. Packages are frequently sold in multiples of five or 10. Consider that a 10-treatment package at $40 results in $400 of revenue.
Sell NIR Therapy Systems to Patients: Another income benefit of NIR therapy is the ability for chiropractors to sell therapy systems directly to patients. Most manufacturers allow health practitioners to purchase systems at wholesale, then profit by reselling them to patients. Patients with acute or chronic conditions that require more frequent therapy may desire to have a system at home for use between office visits. Also, programs can be developed for specific conditions such as chronic back pain, arthritis, or peripheral neuropathy that are based on the patient buying their own NIR therapy system in order to self-administer daily treatment at home, in addition to regular office visits. Selling systems will provide your clinic an additional lucrative revenue stream.
With all the benefits NIR therapy offers your patients, especially rapid and effective pain relief, and with all the benefits NIR therapy offers your clinic — fast
ROI, add-on pricing, the ability to enter niche markets and to sell systems, not to mention the fact that adding NIR therapy to your treatment menu will distinguish your practice from the competition — there is very little reason not to introduce NIR therapy into your clinic.
You can start out with only a few Near infrared therapy pads and a controller for a modest purchase price that will make a big difference in the well-being of your patients, your practice and your clinic’s revenue stream.
ROB BERMAN, MBA, is a partner at Energia Medical LLC, a national distributor of light therapy pads and controllers. He helps health care providers improve patient outcomes while increasing provider income. He has held a variety of sales and marketing roles during his career, including building and managing a marketing department, directing product development, product management for multiple organizations, and serving as a general manager for a variety of business units. He can be contacted by phone at 860-707-4220, at or by visiting
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