African Americans and Sleep Apnea

African Americans and sleep apnea may seem like a relatively new link, but it actually has been there for quite some time. A recent study in the Archives of Internal Medicine found that African American men were twice as likely as white men to sleep apnea. The difference was even more surprising because African Americans tend to have better overall health and fitness than whites. So, it’s not as though the risk factors for having sleep apnea are increased among this population simply because they are black. There are several possible reasons why this is the case.

African Americans and sleep apnea may share a few similar risk factors, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity. But there are also some other subtle differences. For one, African Americans tend to be smaller people with slimmer faces and thinner necks. This means that they may have trouble breathing through their mouths. If they have sleep apnea, their airways may become blocked, resulting in loud, snoring sounds during the night.

Those overweight individuals may also find that they have more difficulty sleeping due to extra weight around the neck and face. Excess fat causes these areas’ soft tissues to become stretched out, which in turn pulls the muscles in this area to taut. As a result, it becomes harder for air to travel through these areas, leading to sleep apnea. If an individual wants to find out if they have sleep apnea, an African American sleep apnea clinic will conduct a physical exam and a blood test.

Treating sleep apnea is relatively simple, although it can be uncomfortable to have someone massage your shoulders or throat. Typically, though, the sleep apnea sufferer will be given a prescription for sleep medication. This sleep medication may help them relax their muscles to avoid falling asleep, but it will not cure their condition.

If an individual is diagnosed with sleep apnea, there is no need to feel embarrassed. Most medical professionals are aware that most individuals do not like to discuss anything related to their health with others. By making an appointment at an African American apnea clinic, the individual will discuss their problem and find help for it openly. The majority of sleep apnea sufferers are middle-aged and elderly. However, it can also be found among younger adults, as well as teens. The good news is that almost anyone can find help for their acne problem.

If you suspect that you have sleep apnea, you must look at your life and take action. If you believe that you are exhibiting signs of sleep apnea, you must visit an African American sleep apnea clinic. It will be worth your time, effort, and money to get the sleep that you so desperately need. In the end, the investment in time and money will result in a much happier life and more energy. Apnea sufferers tend to live longer than non-sufferers, and the quality of their life has greatly improved.

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